Naming our company COLORATOUR is also a double-entendre. Our docents do offer colorful and lively tours but there is also a hint to Coloratura which Merriam Webster defines as an “elaborate embellishment in vocal music or more broadly : music with ornate figuration”. A coloratura soprano role, most famously typified by the Queen of the Night in Mozart’s The Magic Flute, has a high range and requires the singer to execute with great facility elaborate ornamentation and embellishment, including running passages, staccati, and trills. Should you wish to feel why is note higher.

Offering Touring Experiences one note higher ! And this is precisely what aims at achieving.

Discover the Art of travelling with Local Certified experts. offers a new approach to travelling. Across the European continent, it gathers the best local experts with local connections and expertise.

Coloratour is the NEW place where independent travelers meet top-notch docents.

Our Commitment: Top 5 reasons to travel with us :

  1. Passionate English-Speaking Experts
  2. Exclusively Veteran / Certified Docents
  3. With a Local Expert, you live like a local
  4. Private tours: just you and your family or friends
  5. Authentic & Seamless Personal Escort