(Photo courtesy of Jeff Kubina) France is famous for its great restaurants, which draw many thousands of travelers every year. It’s not a coincidence that visitors to France often notice and enjoy visiting the large and plentiful local fresh food markets. The best chefs depend on those markets for buying their ingredients daily. One famous market, the Rungis food market, in Rungis, France, is the world’s largest fresh food market. Its colorful offerings and fresh, high-quality products make it the perfect destination for a traveler who loves food and cooking. In fact, people come to France from all over the

The Best Macarons in Paris In recent years, these lovely little pastries from France have become a big hit in many other countries. Many of our tour guests want to know more about them and ask where to find the best macarons in Paris.  In Paris, a city known for being a pastry-lover’s paradise, the first day of spring has been dubbed “Jour du Macaron,” or Macaron Day, celebrated with free macarons at select pastry shops around the city. This special day is about more than your sweet tooth: to be given a free macaron, you must give a donation