olivierThe Scholar Entrepreneur

Oliver is a Serial Entrepreneur who has been active in the mentoring business for the last 15 years essentially in the US. He holds a MBA from the University of London. During his PhD, he was told “Publish or Perish”. Thus, he appeared in prestigious academic publications such as Springer but also on various TV programmes. He holds the French Official National Tour Guide Accrediation Card. He has lived in 6 countries among which Dubai & Germany and visited +56, not including Corsica ! Proud daddy of two kids adopted at birth in the US.

The Finance Specialist

Florence is our finance expert.

She is a CPA and started her career at KPMG. She is helping us with all the (never ending) accounting process so that we may focus on our core business i.e. Joie-de-Vivre Provider.

When she is not checking our accounts, she may be seen hiking in Myanmar, her favorite country or discussing ethnoglogy.

The Web Expert

Larry is a serial web project manager who has been involved in +300 cutting-edge Web design projects over the last two decades for subsidiaries of FORTUNE 500 Corporations as well as small companies.
He is our zen Master ! Even under high pressure, he always remain composed. No need for cooling fans. Solving web challenges brings the passion out of Larry. No glitch may resist him!