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Corsica [ˈkɔrsika]) is an island in the Mediterranean Sea belonging to France. It is located west of the Italian Peninsula, southeast of the French mainland, and north of the Italian island of Sardinia. Mountains make up two-thirds of the island, forming a single chain.

After being ruled by the Republic of Genoa since 1284, Corsica was briefly an independent Corsican Republic from 1755 until it was annexed by France in 1769. Due to Corsica’s historical ties with the Italian peninsula, the island retains to this day many elements of the culture of Italy. The native Corsican language, whose northern variant is closely related to the Italian language, is recognised as a regional language by the French government. This Mediterranean island was ruled by various nations over the course of history but had several brief periods of independence.
Napoleon was born in 1769 in the Corsican capital of Ajaccio. His ancestral home, Maison Bonaparte, is today used as a museum.

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We will start in Bastia before making our way to Porto-Vecchio where some of the most beautiful beaches are. We’ll take a peek at Bonifacio with its famous Citadelle. Then, we’ll indulge our palate with local delicacies and the best wine estates of the Islands. We’ll reach Ajaccio (Napoleon’s home town) before taking the Little train to Corte. We’ll make sure to visit the stunning mediterranean plant park of Saleccia and then we’ll enjoy Calvi and St Florent. Since we use a mini-van to go round the Island, our itinerary is flexible and adjustable to your needs & interests. Golf & Fly fishing as an option.

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Guests (max)6
interestsArchitecture, Cuisine, Floral art, Food Market, Gourmet, UNESCO sites, Wine & cheese
level-of-difficultyMinimal to Light
tour-duration7 Days
travel-typeExperience with a Private Vehicle
travel-styleClassics (Adults), Couple/Romance, Family with Teenagers, Family with Toddlers, Friends, Graduation Trip, Limited Mobility, Solo travel, Team Building, Women travel

Olivier - DocentOlivier

Greetings from Corsica! I’m Olivier, a Nationally & Officially Licensed Docent and I love France and beyond!

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Shepherd houses, Corsica
A port with a view Bonifacio
Bridge Corsica
Corsican Clock Tower
Fautea, Corsica
Private cemetery, Corsica

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5 out of 5
January 18, 2017

We are Phil , MArgaret and 2 friends from New England. Weknew Oliver from touring with him in and around PAris last year. So we were confident embarking on a week long adventure with him. We were not disappointed. Every day was a new treat, from gourmet delicacies to the best wines, with all the historical and art history backdrop. We highly recommend this experience.

5 out of 5
March 2, 2017

Amazing Honeymoon in Corsica ! We had the exprience of a lifetime with our docent, Olivier, who knows this Beauty Island inside out. We were stunned to see many similarities with “our” home (California) regarding the mediterranean plants we encountered. We shall come again. Thank you so much.

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