Food markets epitomize perhaps at his best the Parisian way of life. Each Paris’ arrondissement offers its own market, totalling 81 within the City of Light. Yet, Aligre is different.

While the neighborhood is rather diverse, the clientèle is usually “hip”. (locally designated as “Bobo” or Bourgeois Bohème”).

A visit to the Aligre Market means sensory overload. From the sight of its magnificent stalls and the smell of its everfresh vegetables to the taste of its rich wines, it is hardly a wonder that this area is known as the Ultimate Market of Paris. Be prepared, you will experience all of the above !

The outside vendors at Marché d’Aligre and those in the covered Marché Beauvau in the Paris 12th arrondissement encapsulate the French market experience in Paris. They display this unique « joie-de-vivre» which makes buying food items very special. More than 100 vendors wait at this village-like market within the heart of Paris.

The Marché Beauvau (covered market), is a a protected historic building erected in the mid-19th century.

Last but not least, Aligre is perhaps the only market in which you may encounter unique piglet butts hanging from a butcher’s stall. We’ll pick the seasonal ingredients an then we cook the meal together before indulging our palate. (ingredients not included)

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Brian - DocentBrian

Brian has been cooking professionally for the last 2 decades, and has a diploma in French cooking from a Chicago-based chef’s school.


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5 out of 5
December 5, 2014

Amazing Chef!
Theresa and I just got back from the Quintessential Parisian Market at ALIGRE with you and were talking about what a great time we had and wanted to take a minute to thank you for the wonderful evening we had with you. The food was superb and the company, well, what can i say… exceptional. Biran, you are quite the chef and a wealth of knowledge whether explaining your cooking or info about Paris. You kept us entertained all evening. wanted to let you know that I had pumpkin (butternut squash) 2 more times on our trip once at Constant”s restaurant and then again at the Hilton in London, not even close, we also used the left over pork loin and leeks to make an omelette after getting in late one night, after buying the last baguette at the bakery, the ingredients were great. I also found the chocolate hazelnut dessert Theresa had saved still in the refrigerator a couple of days later, 2 day rule it became mine, still delicous. just wanted to thank you for a very memorable experience. again if you every find you and your family coming to the Los Angeles area give us an email.
We also went to Montparnasse twice to have some wonderful crepes, and did go to
The Josselin Creperie and were very satisfied with their crepes also.
Theresa & Tom from LA

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