Naming our company COLORATOUR is also a double-entendre.  While we offer colorful and lively experiences, there is also a hint to Coloratura which Merriam Webster defines as an “elaborate embellishment in vocal music or more broadly : music with ornate figuration”. A coloratura soprano role, most famously typified by the Queen of the Night in Mozart’s The Magic Flute, has a high range and requires the singer to execute with great facility elaborate ornamentation and embellishment, including running passages, staccati, and trills. is a note higher : please click on the video herebelow. Thanks !

Top 5 reasons to travel with us :

  1. Passionate English-Speaking Expert
  2. Veteran / Certified Docent
  3. With a Local Expert, you live like a local
  4. Private tours: just you and your family or friends
  5. Authentic & Seamless Personal Escort